Three is a magic number.  There’s the Holy Trinity.  Death is supposed to come in three’s. There are the gallant Three Musketeers.  Every atom has three parts, protons, neutrons and electrons.  We have the Sun, the Moon and the Earth locked in eternal orbit.  In the TV series Charmed, they were three sisters who used the phrase – the power of three.  I think I may be becoming a believer.

I have finally gotten a short story in one anthology and a poem in another.  I am thrilled to say the least.  The curious thing is both publications is that they have accepted two other authors that I know from both the Longwood Writers Guild and FLOW Authors.

I take that as an omen – that there is power in the trinity of anthology.  Now,  If I could just keep the streak going.

My brilliant idea was to submitted a story to a magazine from Missouri, hoping that the writing is strong enough for them to publish and that the power of three will hold.  This is the third anthology that I have submitted to this spring.  I’m not sure that there are two more writers that I know submitting to this mag, so keep your fingers crossed that I get in and that it demonstrates the power of three.

Did I mention that by the end of the month, I will be starting to write my third novel in the series of police procedural mysteries featuring my Chicago Police Detectives, Rachael Culpepper and  Tony Breese?   Wouldn’t want to lose the charm of the threes.

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