Instant summer weather of 95 degrees, very little breeze and high humidity.  The kind of day that makes you want to stay in the shade, drinking over-iced beverages.  But I couldn’t hide under my air conditioner because today was the only chance to see and hear Terri McMillan.  So down to Polk Street I went, umbrella, old lady shopping cart and sunscreen in hand.

Terri McMillan was worth the effort. She did two things for me.  First, she reaffirmed for me the technique of making character profiles for everyone in my novels.  According to Ms McMillan, she does a six page form for all the folks who people her novels. She started by using a job application from McDonalds as her template.  I started by pulling pictures out of magazines, pasting them to paper, adding attributes I thought were important.  Now, I do both things to keep myself on the right track.  Second, on my way down the stairs, she kindly helped me with my book laden shopping cart!  I consider that my omen, my path is clear, my dedication is unwavering.

I gave myself a lot of time to wander around at the Fest.  I visited with Mystery Writers of America.  I’m now a member, but I don’t make it to many of the events, so this was a treat to hang out in the tent, being a part of things.

I collected cards, postcards, brochures and bookmarks.  I’m going to use them to make inquires.  Wish me luck, getting to read my stuff depends on it.   But the most amazing thing that was handed out came from the Poetry Foundation.  It is the biggest car air freshener tree I have ever seen.  I think I will hang it in the garage because it could block my vision if I were to dangle it from my rear view mirror.

Yes I bought books.  I was given books.  I signed up for prizes (of more books naturally) but best of all, I was able to see my own work for sale at the Fest.  I’m in the Tallgrass Anthology called HOME.

** I know the image says 2015 – I’ll steal the correct graphic in a day or so.


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