I am a  keeper.  Some people call folks like me hoarders, but I think that is a harsh word. It even starts with an “H”.   I like to think of myself as a collector or a curator.

So, working through one of my piles of paper, I found a yellow sticky note that was so old all the sticky was covered by dust.  On it I had written a little ditty to send in for a radio station contest. On the top was a pair of hand drawn red ink hearts, linked together.   Underneath them in multicolored ink was this scribble:

If I were to FLIRT (Mindy Abear) with you

by stealing  A KISS IN THE RAIN (Rick Braun)

would you consider it too much of a GENTLE PRESSURE (Mesa)

Or is it just a good reason to COME WITH ME (Phil Collins)?

I don’t remember if I ever sent it in because I did so many.  A few were winners, many weren’t, but for me they were all fun.   I would sit at my desk with sticky notes hanging inside my overhead, plugged into my combo radio/cassette/CD player with Sony professional headphones to block out everyone around me and when I heard a song that would fit in any of my notes, I took it down, scribbled it on and  pasted it back up until I had enough to send in.  I have been out of that office for over thirteen years.  Where this piece of paper has been living is a mystery, but now that it popped up on Valentines Day, I

have immortalized it.   I can throw that poor dead yellow sticky note away and be happy.


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