. . .  that is the eternal question inside my head.  Friends will tell you that I do both.  With many things. I have information about how to grow tomatoes, how to attract hummingbirds, names of exotic plants and the best way to translate knitting patterns from gobbly-gook to english.

I love stores that are amalgams of things, like Miejers or Menards because they let my mind wander and if I hit upon something that I need, they have it.  I frequently remember that I need toothpaste while I am shopping for plumbing parts.  My mind is like that.

So, I have complied a list for every moth of the year with birthdays of the musicians that play my favorite music, jazz, smooth and otherwise, I decided to do like Menards and become a compilation of things by posting it here. Originally, the goal was to find one musician for every day in the year.  Then it was to help with my jazz blogging. Now, it’s just for the fun of it.   If you know of someone I have missed, let me know.  I still would like to have one jazz person on every day.

Here’s the listing for February, Black History Month –

1 Joe Sample (1939)
Joshua Redmon ( 1969)
Sadao Watanabe (1933)
6 Natalie Cole (1950 – 2015)
10 Roberta Flack (1937)
11 Russ Freeman (1960) guitar
12 Michael McDonald (1952)
15 Erika Badu (1971)
16 James Ingram (1952) guitar
17 Chante Moore(1967)
18 Randy Crawford (1952)
20 Walter Becker of Steely Dan  (1950) guitar
26 Michael Bolton (1953)
Corinne Bailey Ray (1979)
27 Stan Getz (1927 – 1991) 64
Josh Groban (1981)

and still open are the end days of the month the 28 and the ever elusive 29th.

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