Any writer  will tell you it is a wonderful thing when you can announce that your work will be published.  I have had the joy of getting  not one but two things accepted by two different publications in the last month!

First my short story – My Mount Greenwood Home, a ghost story  – was accepted for the next edition of the Tallgrass Anthology, coming out this fall.  I was thrilled.

Then, about a week later, my phone rang.  “Have you checked your email?  You’re in!”  said the president of my writers group.  Three of us had done a impromptu salon to prepare things for this call.  We all will have pieces published.  We are contemplating doing a few more of these polishing sessions because the energy works.

My poem, Recipe, had been accepted by the Revise the Psalm: Work Celebrating the Writing of Gwendolyn Brooks.   I was elated! 

So in doing the happy dance, I see that people like when I deal with death.  Each of these stories (and yes I do consider a poem a story – just in short short form) has to do with death or dying.  I had just finished my second book, The Canyon Clinic Murders, which is full of death.

The question is  – is a theme building or am I building on a theme?   Stay tuned for the answer.  If the 107th Street Murder gets in print – we might have an answer.








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