Yes, I know I am almost two months late to be announcing it,  It was over the last day of November.  However, I did not reach the goal of writing 50 thousand words that month.  It was the first time I ever tried.  I came close, ending with over 34K of a really good story, the Canyon Clinic Murders.  Yes fans, it is plural for murder.  There are a few death incidents in this book.  Now, I am proud to announce that I have exceeded the benchmark of 50K words!  Today, I am at the 60K mark, two thirds if not three quarters of the way to the end of the story (depending upon what the characters tell me in the next few days).   Yippie for me!

The tracking software at the NaNoWriMo website taught me that I average about eight hundred to a thousand words a day.  Not Steven King caliber, but not too shabby.  I remember days when I thought 200 words was a huge task, but that was when I had to write about something I didn’t care about, like ‘Man’s Greatest Invention’ or ‘ The Rise and Fall of the Visigoths in Middle Europe’.  Wasn’t high school hell back then?

Yippie for you!  The sooner I finish, the sooner you will be able to meet the folks that live in my head.  The Canyon is a neighborhood that will beguile you.  It is a place where the angels of death go so often, you might think it was their vacation home. With Tony and Rachael trying to have a nice summer furlough, those angels decide that they need to visit the Canyon once on business and once to help a friend.

So back to the task at hand, writing the last part of the Canyon Clinic Murders, so that we can all enjoy the dark of February.  Who knows what kind of story will creep out of my brain then?

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