My Dear Cleo,  I love her dearly, but today she proved that she is really an alley cat.

I have been buying Fancy Feast. She clamors for it every morning, but she tends to lick the gravy off and leaves a lot of it in the plate.  So in a fit of pique, when I went shopping today, I decided that I was going to try what my pure breed Siamese babies used to cry for – 9 Lives Tuna, which is four cans (22 ounces total weight) for $1.50 versus $.56 for one can (3 ounces).

I was feeling guilty about it after I got home.  Thinking that these big old cans would become a donation to a local shelter, I opened one of them.  A yowling arose from the kitchen floor.  Cleo, who had been napping in the living room, had her back feet plastered to my right foot, her front paws on the door of the kitchen cabinet.  I had to throw a crumb of the flaked tuna so that I could get her to move off of me.

I put the plate on the floor.  She was there in a flash.  Not only that, she licked the plate clean.  Seriously clean.

So, all this to say that you can take the stray out of the alley, but you will never get all of the alley out of the stray.


BTW – I dropped a piece of shrimp on the floor this afternoon.  She sniffed it, turned her nose up and walked over it.  Ten minutes later,  I uncovered the 9 Lives can and it was game on again.


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