I look forward to this day every year.  Not because the geek in me loves to fiddle with my digital and analogue time keeping devices.  Not because they finally put it on the weekend AFTER Halloween so that the little ones have that extra hour of daylight to Trick or Treat in.  Not because it harkens back to the day of the farm, when getting up at 5 am to feed the livestock is better in a bit of early light instead of Mother Natures pitch black.  Not because one of my old co-workers had the perfect excuse for coming to work an hour late twice a year and he used it every time. Not because going to church that day was difficult because the body hadn’t sync’d itself to what was displayed on the clock face.  No, not because of any of these reasons.

I love the luxury of an extra hour in bed.  Even now, when I have few restrictions on when and how long I sleep,  I still treasure this silly custom.

I feel pity for the folks in Indiana and Arizona, who do not participate in this experiment in control.  They don’t have the pleasure of running full tilt to get somewhere only to find that they are either an hour early if it is spring time or an hour late if it is after Halloween.   Believe me, the adrenaline rush is fabulous!


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