I sent a short skit in to a contest, in it there were references to cats and cat ladies.  I even used that as the punchline ending of the whole piece.

I looked at my novel, in it there is a complete character in the furry body of a cat named Napoleon.

In a sci-fi novella I did, there is a new breed of cat which I developed in my head called a Cousi, a combo of cougar and Siamese seal point, naturally having the cougar size and the Siamese temperament.

The last post I did here was about an extra hour of sleep and what did I use as the featured image, my old roommates late pussum, Shadrack. I snapped a picture when I was lucky enough to find her siting regally on a blanket half sleep.  She was the perfect ambassador to the time change.

With all those references, you might think I am a cat lady.  True, I lived with cats from the time I was 10 years old until 2003 – a span of forty years and seven cats, but I was never one for a clowder, most of mine were solo individuals who enjoyed being the only.  The biggest clutter was four at once because two were mine and two were my roommates.

Now, since 2003 the house has been empty of cat food, litter boxes and scratching posts. A true irony because in my basement there is over a pound of organic catnip and some 600+ handmade cat toys that I sold at pet shops and local craft shows.  With the economy bad, people weren’t buying much at the craft shows, they mostly came to kill time and steal ideas.

I didn’t get a pussum because there was a lot of sickness in the family and I didn’t have time or energy to care for another living thing.  Looking at my writing, I think I am building a case of feline ownership lust.   Stay tuned.  I don’t know were this is going to go!


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