I remember how controversial that song by the Rolling Stones was when it first came out.  Everyone thought it was about civil rights, then they thought it was about drugs, then they just hated it because they could.  As an art student studying avant garde and surrealist artists, the song made perfect sense to me.  Why not have a whole world of one color like Kazimir Malevich, the abstract painter, wanted.

If that song were to come out today, I am sure everyone would say that it talks to a bout of the down side of Bi-polar disorder.

All that to say that everything made of modern plastic is black.  All the remotes, calculators, cases, wallets, phones and smart keys.  I have a purse full of black things.  Most of the purses are lined with black material.  Now, try to find one item in a dark lightless bucket.  Darn near impossible.  After moving and shifting everything several times, I have had to dump out the entire purse to find one item.

Now this problem has spread into my office.  I cannot find some of the remotes for days and days because they are black.  I have a place to put them, a nice open top organizer.  There are so many that they disappear under papers, books and behind boxes.  The one remote that is light gray has a black back, which is what shows every time I put it down.

So, I’m headed to the craft store for some crystals, sequins and glitter glue.  I am going to bedazzle every black thing I own, except my clothes and shoes,  so that they cannot fade into the darkness of the corners,drawers and desktops. I hope Mick Jagger doesn’t dislike me because of it.

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