. . . blog readers forgive me for I have sinned.  It has been two weeks  since my last post.  In my defense, I have to say that I have been busy doing stuff for other web outlets, my blog posts for SmoothJazzChicago.net, my updates for LongwoodWritersGuild.wordpress.com and stuff for my facebook page.  I know that is not a good excuse.  IF I had time to do all of that, then I should have popped over there to at least say hello.  Mea culpa, Mea culpa, Mea culpa.  (And I want you to know that it takes a lot for a good Presbyterian girl to say that).

I promise in my brain to do better.  I promise to be more frequent.   But if the piles of mail by my front door, the dishes in the sink, the dirty clothes in baskets near the washer or the heaps of papers collected on my guest room bed are any indication of my good intentions, you’d know how much chance this promise has of surviving and growing into a full scale habit.  Pray for me my procrastinating friends.  Re-read this blog and pray for us all.

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