So the bars on the north side have specials today, but my question is, how do you get a National day for anything?

I see that today is also National Rainer Cherry and Blueberry Muffin day.  And as if that isn’t enough for one July day, it is also All American Pet Photos and Car Collection Appreciation Day.   If you want to go international, don’t forget to add Cow Appreciation.  However if you miss wishing your cow fancier friends the best today, just wait until July 24th when the day goes National and shares the spotlight with Tequila, Cousins, Drive-Thru’s and Amelia Earhart.

Granted most of the National days seem to have a food or drink tie in so there is some company behind them, but if you look at the calendar you will see that there are some more eclectic ones listed.   For instance, did you know there was a day for the Moon, to celebrate the day we landed a man up there. Pretty good thing to remember and celebrate.  I will be putting that on my calendar for July 20.  Tomorrow, because it is the birthday of Henry David Thoreau and he advocated living simply – it is National Simplicity Day. In honor of that, I will be looking for the simplest Pecan Pie recipe because it is Pecan Pie day too.

If you want to browse an entire calendar of like events, check out this blog

National Calendar at a glance

And just in case I drink too many Mojito’s while I am eating my Rainer Cherries and Blueberry Muffins, I might wake up changed enough to celebrate National Different Colored Eyes day tomorrow!



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