I didn’t know it was his birthday, I usually don’t care about such things, but I am doing research for a new venture, so birthdays of Jazz artists came to my attention.  I love Santana, no matter which genre he is playing in. From Abraxas to jazz to Duets with many fine artists to his Greatest Hits, I have enjoyed him.  His cover of John Lennon’s “My Guitar Gently Weeps”  with India Arie is one of my favorites.   Sunday, July 20th was his 67th birthday and he only gets better with time.  So instead of sitting listening to the wide sweep of his music, sipping wine, barbecuing stuff, I had to have a tooth pulled!

I want to say that Santana sounds just as good when I am numbed as he does when I am fully functional.

Thanks Carlos, you helped me through another hard time.

Check him out at http://www.santana.com/


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