I performed this poem at Ellie’s Cafe Poetry in Motion night.  I wrote it for a friend who has relationship problems and doesn’t know how to resolve them.

It’s a lamb’s foot

I don’t intend to chew

It’s a fresh pig’s heart

An important ingredient for my stew


It’s a dirty look

From the butcher behind the case

It’s a pinched nose glance

I throw right back in his face


It’s a low-pitched buzz

An over your shoulder flutter

It’s a black winged being

With a baritone mutter


It’s a mud covered

Knotted length of rope

Sprinkled with broken glass

Because you acted like a dope


It’s three beads I wore

You snatched: they broke

It heralded the moment

We went up in smoke


It’s a cluster of slick feathers

Plucked from a rooster’s tail

I keep them birds in my yard

Even though they could land me in jail


It’s a while paper parcel

Left on your doorstep

It’ s gift for a funeral

Where not one tear will be wept


It’s a mystery just for you

Open it if you dare

The magic will work

No matter what you care


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