The third Saturday in any month is Poetry In Motion time at Ellie’s Cafe on 107th and Hale, in Beverly.  Presided over by the prolific, insightful and amazing Mr. Lucky, this open mic is a great place to share poems.  I have read several times over the past couple of years and the feed back was invaluable.  There has never been a night without at least thirty folks, listening, shaking their keys (finger snapping is not allowed and clapping is discouraged) and enjoying the words.  The poets range from young newbies to veteran wordsmiths, mystic urban warriors to feminists.  The listeners come from all walks of life with the uniting factor of enjoying the word craft.

So, if you have work to share or if you need a bump to get you out of writer’s block or if you just want to enjoy seeing the world through others eyes, come to Ellie’s Cafe on Poetry in Motion night.

Here’s a link to Ellie’s Cafe Calendar

They don’t update very far ahead – so if the month is blank – check back later!

So come out and support poetry, writing and adult entertainment on the South Side of Chicago!

Ellie’s doesn’t have a liquor license, so if you want an adult beverage other than coffee, bring it with you.  There is no charge for glasses or ice.  And trust me, the food is delish!

So if you are on the South Side of Chicago – drop on by









Check out Ellie’s

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