. . . under the cover of toasted marshmallows, beneath a coating of breadcrumbs lurks a dish of something that someone loves to death and others think is the grossest thing in the world.

With Thanksgiving on the horizon, now is the time to talk about dishes on the menu.

Is Aunt Lou going to bring her famous Litter Box cake complete with Tootsie Roll cat poop?

Will Uncle Bob fix a plate of fried Mountain Oysters just for the kids?

Is this year that you find out what sweatbreads really are?

Or is it ‘Here comes Betty’s Ambrosia Salad’ which everyone calls vomit on a plate behind her back?

Weigh in my friends, tell us what dish is on the top of your list of things to avoid this holiday season!  All comments are welcome – and you don’t have to reveal who is the Chef du Forfait ( in other word, the Cook in question).  Just a brief (to keep us from barfing) description of the dish.

p.s.  your secrets will be safe with me, your Aunt Lou doesn’t read this blog!

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