Oh what a day

The crystal is polished and bright

The jello mold has been in the fridge all night

The table is set to please

The mac has been over cheesed

Giblets are swimming in gravy

Carrots chopped up nice and wavy

Working all week to make everything perfect

Praying nightly that there’s nothing  to correct

String beans are strung

Yams candied and done

The rolls fluffy and hot

Showing the doubters what you got

Turkeys nicely browned

A roast in the form of  a crown

The table is crowded with food and faces

Every dish and person sitting in their places

You’ve spared no expenses

The eating commences

The clatter of silverware

Rents the air

In the midst of the glut

Cries out Uncle Burt the  nut

I see cakes, pies, meats and gravy

And you all might think I’m crazy


Where’s the potatoes

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