Microphone I will be doing some poetry at a very lively open mic session in a local cafe called Ellies (107th and Hale).  I have done this open mic before.  I tend to go once a year, usually around this time.  What inspires me, I don’t know, but I find it invigorating and harrowing all at the same time.

Invigorating because I really enjoy reading aloud.  It all started with a friend of my grandmother who had classes in dramatic reading.  She worked with business people and babies, I being the latter at the time.  I never forgot the lessons or feeling of delivering a good piece.

Harrowing because many of the people at this Open Mic are polished spoken word poets.  They can work from memory (I cannot), they have a lot of good material ( I have a lot of poems, but most are about dementia, rants about smoking or things that pissed me off) and they have street cred because they do this a lot ( I am like a plant, I bloom once a year).

So, all that to say, IF you don’t have anything to do tomorrow night, come and see a really good show.  It starts at 7 pm and I have no idea when Lucky the MC will fit me in.  He tends to keep his show lively by mixing the new folks in with people he knows that have good delivery.  Fair warning – some of the poets do very adult subjects.  Last time, humor mixed with a very descriptive and vigorous sex life that had us all cracking up.

You can see me do my thing for a poem or two.  But if you are otherwise engaged, I will be posting the poems next week for your reading enjoyment.  I don’t want to ruin the surprise by doing it now.

Check out Ellie’s – here’s their web address – http://elliescafe.com/calendar/

Here’s one of the poems I performed – I hope you enjoy it.

Out on the Internet

Love grows cloaked in mystery

When protected by anonymity

Deep cozy in my room I dare

To let my horn tooting become a blare

You say you’re seeking a baker

But yesterday I posted that I was an undertaker

From my comfy chair I stare

At so many hearts clamoring to be ensnared

Tomorrow I’ll be a gourmet chef

Who can’t take your phone calls because I’m deaf

So many characters to be

So many sites to see

I’m a well-practiced identity thief

Posing as a fire chief

Perhaps I’ll be rich beyond belief

Owning mountains of diamonds and gold

Yet we can’t meet eye to eye

Because I am terminally shy

In fantasy bedecked

In a place where ego blooms uncontrolled

You’re blinded to any defect

Delusions grow unchecked

Electronic catfish swim wild and free

Charm and truth go on a spree

Fantasy and truth make a digital witches brew

In a media that is profoundly blind

You think that I am a good find

But it’s only true

In the electronic stew

Called the Internet

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