There is a lot of talk about sexual harassment.  Yes, it is real.  I’ve experienced it all my adult life.

What I want everyone to know is not only am I a survivor, a conqueror and a  defender of those who were not raised to defend themselves, but I am a prophet too.

Sexual Harassment changes as you get older.

I had a reading at the local public library, so I dressed very nicely.  Silky cheetah print top over a black turtle neck accented with a cat eye necklace, cat shaped earrings and green turquoise rings next to my wedding diamonds, designer wool pants, cat socks and very cute shoes.  No skin exposed except hands and face.   You could call me a modern priestess of the order of Bastet, cat goddess of Ancient Egypt.

The reading went fine.  The audience was receptive.  Actually, there were more women in attendance than men.  So where in all of this did the sexual harassment occur?

In my bathroom at home!

In the process of undressing, I sat down to remove my cute shoes.  The right one was easy, but the left one was a bit hard to remove, like my sock had stuck to a hidden label on the inside.  I wiggled and pulled and when my foot was released, it felt like someone had stabbed me with a knife!   I put my foot on the cool tile, but the pain got worse!

My cute shoes had attacked my foot while I wore them!  I was left lame as a duck, mentally abused and searching for pain killers in the medicine cabinet standing on one foot like a stork!  I have been hobbling about with a cane for five days now.

How do I figure this is sexual harassment?  Easy.  If I wasn’t trying to be sexy, I would have worn a pair of Reebok’s, nice wide flat walking shoes with memory foam souls and snug laces.  But NOOOOO, I had to put on old lady version of  CFM* shoes with a wide two inch heel.

So, my dear friends, take this warning.  As time passes, sex and sexual harassment changes.  You must be vigilant.  IT can pop up anywhere.  And it hurts, bad.

P. S.  anyone interested in several pair of size 8 shoes with low heels, email me at novelbarn@cs.com.



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