Jumping forward to daylight savings time is easy for the clocks in the house, but not for the body who updates them.  It takes me weeks to synchronize myself to the reality of everything happening at an hour different from the hour it was yesterday.

I am a creature of light and darkness and habit.  If the sun is not shining early in the morning, I tend to sleep late. When the sun is at its highest in the sky, I get hungry because it is lunchtime. If the sun doesn’t go down before the evening news broadcast, I tend to go outdoors in shirtsleeves because it must be summer and it should be warm enough to do that. If it is dark, it has got to be after 10 pm and within two hours, I will be sleep no matter the season.  Light and dark and habit. Usually works well for me.

Today, I heard that a study was done to see if people function better or worse after the time changes. Seems that everyone has synchronization problems, and our bodies compensate by having something called a microsleep. These are small lapses in consciousness where our brains shut down for a few seconds at a time to cope with sleep deprivation.  Amazing.

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