The battle used to be toilet seat up or toilet seat down. Men against women as to how things should be.  Just mention it in mixed company and there will be hours of debate, with no clear winner to this date.
Up or down, everyone has their preference.  Part of it depends upon which kind of household you grew up in, the gender and hormone balance of the inhabitants or the state of repair of the equipment.

Now, there are a bunch of devices to settle the debate and keep peace in households.  Self closing toilet seats, lighted toilet seats, even friendly reminders in the form of waterproof notes.  It’s been a long simmering lava that bubbles up every now and then.

Toilet Seat



So what can bring the same passions to the fore outside of the bathroom?  My prediction is that if you walk to the kitchen, one close look at the refrigerator door will show you.  If you have the ice and water dispenser, you have the new battlefield.





In my house, we have a panel that switches things from water to crushed ice then cubes. Here’s a three way choice for men women and children!  I like to keep it set on ice, Hubby likes to keep it on water and visitors seem to prefer crushed ice.

So friends, it’s off to the kitchen and don’t forget to take your sword and shield with you!  The battle is ON!

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