Passions are the feelings you have towards things that you like (or dislike).

Everyone has them, but not everyone expresses them. Or at least, that was the way it was before Phil Donahue, Maury Povich and Jerry Springer.

One of my passions is music.  My father had the habit of putting a variety instruments in my hands to see if they were the one for me.  Sadly,  I am not good at performing.  Even after years of piano and singing lessons, you would pay me to stop if I got started.

My uncle was a DJ at a local station and he would give me demo records by the box.  He even bought me a Navy surplus PA system.  It was half my size and I would drag it to friends houses and spin records.  Back in the 60’s there were two records that I could not keep to save my life.  Bobby Hebb’s Sunny (someone would alway break it accidently – maybe I played it too much) and Little Anthony and the Imperials Going Out of My Head.

My husband will tell you that my car does not move until the radio is on and playing the correct station.  My desk at work was not complete without my radio and big can headphones (way before they were fashionable).

I cannot tell you how many portable FM radios I have used to death.   And my husband became an enabler to my music addiction when he purchased my first CD player with a 100 disc organizer.

All that to say, after years and years of loving music, from alternative to zydeco, decades of  listening to jazz, I now get to BLOG about JAZZ!  

Check it out  – I’m over at SmoothJazzChicago,net  under the On-Air tab, it’s the drop down called BLOG.





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