Most of the time, this phrase is used when someone has a problem or disagreement with the generally accepted way of things. This time, the phrase means that I was hanging out with a great group of writers in a group called FLOW, the acronym meaning For the Love Of Writing!

Saturday, they had a workshop on Digital Marketing. Keith Caldwell was inspiring and knowledgeable.  He did a great job of introducing, explaining and encouraging.

The hospitality was great.  The turn out was wonderful and the ENERGY was just what a writer needs to help regenerate their inner workings.

Now, Digital Marketing is a subject that many think is left field of what we do, but in this day and age, it has become the line drive to generating sales and fueling interest.  So, if you have found this blog because you were at the workshop, thanks for stopping by!  Take some time to check out my other entries, you’ll see that I talk about more than writing.  I think of this place as my town square complete with digital soapbox reserved just for me. (I don’t even have to comb my hair to rant and rave these days!)  Or my digital back fence where I gossip with my neighbors (even if they are hundreds of miles away) Or my portfolio full of samples of the things I can do  (nobody wants a one trick pony anymore).   So browse the poetry, read the short stories, check out my plea for a publisher, commiserate with me about the weather, but most of all, ENJOY!

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