Okay, I am noticing a trend.  I once took an occupational analysis test that had my top choice of professions as a Meteorologist. I thought it was pretty weird because I didn’t really care that much about projecting what Mother Nature was going to do.  Now I seem to be blogging more about weather than anything else.

Dear Mother Nature,

I think perhaps your calendar is a bit behind.  I think you forgot to peel off the February Page.  I have a dinner plate sized patch of grey snow lingering on my deck, which I think you should take care of for me.  A little bit of warmth would do the trick. Sunshine has become something rare around here.  I am sure that once you get started, you will flood us with golden goodness, but right now, could you spare a peek or two from behind the clouds?

All the advertisers and retailers are pushing spring time, so why are you dragging your heels?  Could it be that you haven’t gotten your spring clothes collection ready?  I must admit I haven’t seen one bud yet.  Are the leaves going to be purple this year instead of green?  Or is there some other surprise in store for us?  Are you too busy decorating Easter Eggs to remember about us?

So Mother please, could we have some warmth and sunshine soon dear?



p.s. Could you do it on the weekends so the working folks can enjoy it, please.  You know how cranky they are when it happens on a Wednesday.


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