Welcome to Barnesversation – a place of weird and wonderful.  Thanks for visiting me here.

I would have started this blog on Monday, but being in a manic state I answered emails, worked on one of my novels, did some clues for the History Mystery Bike Ride, cooked and answered phone calls. Before I realized, it wasn’t Monday any more.

As my play on the word conversation implies, I hope you will comment so this will become not a one voice song but a symphony of words.  Weigh in, talk back, critique,observe, wisecrack, comeback.  I look forward to your response.

I am working on freelancing, writing a book about Chicago’s West Side Mafia in the early 1900’s, a murder mystery trilogy set in the 1980’s and a fantasy novel about a girl who becomes a raven.

I am a member of FLOW (For Love Of Writing), a group of writers dedicated to bring diverse voices to the forefront.

I am a member of Mystery Writers of America – Midwest Chapter.

I am also a part of the Longwood Writers Guild.



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Mania Mondays reminded me of my own Frustrated Friday, only today though. A day for addressing and putting out fires. It really wasn’t that bad though, and I have survived it. What a great forum for sharing! It took me a few days to get to it, but here I am, late on Friday..it’ll be Saturday in less than 15 minutes…O my,O my. Keep on writing. Photoshy, yes I am.V.B.

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