Yes, I know it is February.  Yes, I know it is Chicago.  Yes, I know snow is normal for this time of the year in this location.  Doesn’t mean I can’t bitch, moan and groan about it!

Snow and cold are good for killing germs that make us sick. But cold also brings things like sore throats, flu and other miseries.  And frostbite, let’s not even go there.  It makes for funny colored body parts, that at the worse, will disconnect from the human to whom they were attached.

Cold preserves food, so when I go out shopping, I don’t have to worry about taking a cooler to keep the frozen stuff frozen.  I can just throw stuff in the back of the car  (provided I don’t have things like bananas, tropical fruit or a fresh baked chicken).

Yet, I am tired of it.  Being a normal human, in the middle of summer, I will be tired of the sunshine and the heat.

So off I go, to sleep under a down comforter, in a heated water bed, with my socks on.  Yes, I am a pampered, spoiled rotten woman.  I fully intend to slip my cold nose on my husband’s warm back.



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