Things happen on the way to having a book published.  You have to prove yourself as a writer so that someone will take a chance on your talent and abilities.  You get rejected over and over again, sometimes because you didn’t follow the rules, sometimes because what you did didn’t tickle the fancy of the editor(s), sometimes you misinterpret the call for works.  But when you get the ‘We like your piece and we want to publish it’ letter or email, the thrill is indescribable!

All that to say, I am in a very prestigious anthology, Revise The Psalm:Works Celebrating The Works Of Gwendolyn Brooks, with a poem.  I landed in is section four –  the part about the hurt and healing of love.  My poem is called Recipe.  It’s the story of a cheated on woman who is not going to take it laying down.

Counting the bio in the index and the length of the poem, I have two pages in a four hundred page collection of amazing,  mind-blowing, jaw-drappingly wondrous authors. However, I say it is MY book.

But this is not the end of my journey, my mission is not accomplished, the trail is not at an end.  I am working hard to get my stories and poems out there – so you can share them with me.  Stay tuned.

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