Leather soft case briefcase, black, $50.00.

It smells like him.  It’s the last thing in the apartment that does.

I put the price down as far as I could.

It was the only thing left on the platform that day.

I want to keep it, although it’s empty now.

The police and his company of lawyers kept all the papers and pens inside it including the letter written ‘to whom it may concern’.

It said that I had to liquidate everything and keep nothing.  He said that he wanted everything, even his ashes scattered.  Being a lawyer himself, he thought he was getting the last laugh.

But it’s okay because the test results he didn’t know he took, came in two days after he ‘fell’ in front of the train.  He had less than six months to live with a disease that would have invalidated the payout of the policy I secretly bought.

So as soon as this briefcase is gone, so am I.

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