I was thinking about things because I had a late night barnesversation with a friend. I watched the finale of Game of Thrones, which lead to retribution being in my head.

This morning, I read a facebook post from someone else who was questioning  why people with evil in their hearts had set upon them.

It is basically the the same topic and I had an epiphany.

Shakespeare said  “Hell is empty, all the devils are here.”

He was so right. Church teaches us that there is Hell.  Okay, perhaps there is.  Dante wrote the Divine  Comedy  with the first book being the Inferno.  To this day, it is many peoples blueprint for hell.  Most don’t even know that.  It has been used to scare us into good behavior because who wants to be boiled forever in lakes of excrement?  Or because it was judged that your love was reckless, be stuck inside a tornado forever?  Lazy clergy have used his ideas over and over, so we have come to believe that all the evil is being used to torment the dead and Lucifer, Beelzebub, Devil, Apollyon or whomever you want to call him, is busy ruling them, containing them, keeping them in check, deep down in hell.

Au contraire, mon frere, they are EVERYWHERE.

They don’t have fancy names anymore.  They are named for the afflictions and aspersions that we cast on one another.

Below is what I posted to a friend who is tormented by the devil called insecurity.  She is a wonderful, intelligent woman who has been pushed into the erroneous belief that she is one million percent less than she is and will be.  Here is what I hope she (and other young women) will take to heart.

Letting go of the evil is hard to do because we want to know why they did evil to us, what did we do to deserve it. Evil is the original terrorism, it happens to you simply because you exist, not because you did anything to attract or invite it. When it is evil from someone who was supposed to love you, it is because they are twisted inside by past hate or jealousy. Remember this and forget them. Take a deep breath, move forward. You are better than you know.

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