The reason I didn’t come to blogging sooner was because I didn’t think that people wanted or needed to know that much about me.  I am by no means a recluse,  I just didn’t think my life was all that interesting.  Nor did I think that my opinions needed to expounded on a daily basis.  Then after several people around me classified themselves as bloggers, I decided that I would give it a try.   Hence Barnesversation arrived on the scene.

Now, using the experience that I acquired blogging for my self, getting things off my chest, telling funny stories that grandchildren are usually saddled with hearing and trying out things that will be going in one book or another, I found that there was a subject and a place that needed my talents.

I sent a simple email, asked if I could contribute and got a resounding yes.  In all the submissions of my works, it was the first YES.  (I have a very nice collection of rejection letters, but will appear in another post around Printers Row Lit Fest.)

So if you come here and don’t see any current posts, don’t worry.  I am but a few clicks away at SmoothJazzChicago.net under the ONAIR tab where the drop down link BLOG lives.   I have found my niche!

I have spent one of the happiest years of blogging life writing about Jazz and musicians.  Those old guys that said it was possible to love your work were right.  When you love it , it ceases to be a nasty four letter word, it becomes a three letter word, FUN!

There are over 50 blog post there and more to come, so grab your reading glasses and dig in.

Thanks Rick!

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