I have been working on a project that has sent me into the public domain searching for works that will not cause me to pay royalties yet will entertain and enlighten.   So, in this endeavor I have revisited authors and philosophers from the 17th century.  Back then, they were often one and the same mixed together.  As I came upon some of the works of Ben Johnson, I found a quote of his that struck me right between the eyes.  On the subject of writing, he had some great advice.

. . .  to write well, there are required three necessaries,

to read the best authors

Observe the best speakers:

And much exercise of your own style.

Did he have a crystal ball or what?  He went on to delineate what he believed was style, but I will not bore you with that (or should I say that I want you to research and discover it for yourself?)  Thanks Ben!

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