The weather people started recording things back in the 1880’s.  Nice of them.  Now we can say for sure that there have been really snowy winters.  Some of them had signature storms that dumped a lot of the white stuff on us the poor humans in relatively short times.  Looking out my window, there is more snow falling at the moment.  The storm that happened on Super Bowl Sunday is the fifth snowiest storm in that recorded history.  Looking at the dates makes me feel very old.   I have lived through each one of them.

I remember the biggest one of all – 1967.  The first and only time the city ground to a complete halt in human history., We had cars stuck higgly-piggly on the street and in the alley outside our house because people tried to be snowplows but they weren’t.  Strangers slept on our living room floor because by evening there was no movement possible and no other option.  23 inches of blown and drifted snow can equal a two story building when the winds are

And let me say two things about big Chicago Storms.  One, if the temperature is unseasonably warm – watch out. Back in 67 the day before the temperature was 65 degrees.  Mother Nature likes to tease us before she slaps us.   Two, they have a way of getting Mayors elected or un-elected.  Such was the case in 1979 when Michael Bilandic was challenged by the 20.3 inches of snow in January, before the primary election.  Jane Byrne  won and became the 50th Mayor.  In 1999, the 21.6 inches did nothing to cancel Chicago’s love for Richard M. Daley, he was elected to his fourth term as Mayor.  And in 2011, he had decided that he didn’t want to run anymore, so the snow didn’t help anyone to get to the coveted chair on the fifth floor of city hall.  Wonder what is going to happen this year?


One thought on “Fifth snowiest season in recorded history

  1. They’ll have the snow removed and Rahm will likely be reelected. I have a fond memory of the 67 storm. People really helped each other out and I was a kid eager to play in it. I may be getting older but some things I’ll always be fond of. A good Chicago snowfall.

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