Every star that hits the red carpet has a stylist, someone who bring them a rack of clothes, a table of jewelry and a platoon of shoes to choose from.  The mixing and matching is serious business.  The person has to know their clients tastes, they have to know what that person will love to wear and how to make them look good.

Well, I have become the stylist to the younger members of my family.  If you watch any of the fashion show, like Project Runway, America’s Top Model or the Rachael Zoe Project, you know that men’s wear is the hardest because it is so formalized.  Add to it, dealing with boys under 15 but over 8, a hard group to work with because they want comfort above all things.  But here is my evolution as a stylist.

Last Christmas, I bought a hat for my little cousin and he wore it for weeks after.  If you want to read about it, check out my blog post called Critter Hats .  This was the first inkling that I was on to something.

I sent similar hats to my grandsons in Atlanta and they became big hits during the vicious winter storm that they had in February. When asked where they got such warm hats, they proudly said they had been imported from Chicago!  Their mother had a very hard time getting them to take off their dinosaur and monster hats even when it was too warm for hats.

In August, I sent a shirt with a robot on it to my Grandson away at college.  I hear it was a hit.

September gave me the opportunity for more styling success.  There were superhero hoodies. I got one of each for each boy.  The first one was a birthday gift sent to Atlanta in October making Captain America before, during and after Halloween.

Spiderman  was a December birthday hoodie that also had came with a knit cap, socks, body wash and a pen that projects the Spidy symbol.  Batman was saved for a Christmas gift to the brother of Captain America.

Then there was a call for a Dr. Who scarf.  It was done quickly and sent before the holiday.  I hear that it was a great hit too.

In my shopping, I managed to find a panda hat to compliment the critter from last Christmas.  I am sure the sister of the little cousin will enjoy it. Batman socks were too good to leave in the store. And there was the Little Kitty kit I made out of pen, white board, tote bag, and body wash.

Now that I have done my work for Christmas, I will be out and shopping for the next set of styles for birthdays in 2015.






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