When you come to read this blog, you should not be sent to another blog site.  It is probably one of those unwritten rules of the internet road, but . . .

I am so very proud that I have twenty three blogs on SmoothjazzChicago.net that I cannot adhere to that rule. So I am going to post the link at then end of this blog that will take you to the blog post that I did on one of my favorite Christmas carols.  But before you go, let me add a few details that you will not find over there.

I learned how to play this carol on the piano, the violin, the recorder and the harmonica because it was my father’s favorite. I could not play it today if my life depended on it.  He considered it a folk song, which meant that he might ask me to play it for him in the middle of the year with whatever instrument was at hand.  And he gave me many an instrument to play with, hoping that one of them would bring out my talent. Sadly, none of them did.  The accordion, the piccolo, the guitar and the mandolin all went back to the music shop after about month and a few lessons.  Good try Dad.

I lost him to cancer in 1994 and every time I hear the melody, I remember him.

So, while I am feeling nostalgic, go read about the history of    http://bit.ly/13yh9Hv

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