Over the summer a change was made.  The writing group that I have been a part of for three plus years moved and for a while we didn’t have a name.   We started meeting in the BAPA Community Room instead of at the Beverly Arts Center.  The time wasn’t changed, nor was the frequency.  The core membership remained constant, but what did change was the feeling that we could do what ever we wanted without worry or consultation of powers that be.

We decided on a name and now there is a blog site here at WordPress. Being totally modern, we also have a Facebook page and a G-mail address (longwoodwritersguild@gmail.com).

So if you don’t see much from me here, check there and if you don’t see much there check me out on SmoothJazzChicago.net –  my posts are on the ONAir Tab under Blogs.

And in a few days there will be a post on DNAinfoChicago.com too.

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