I love cats.  My cousin believes that in a past life she and I were Egyptian priestesses in cat goddesses temple. She might be right because I have had the privilege to have shared the lives of several wonderful kitties.

The photo attached to this post is the best one I have ever taken of a cat.  I found it recently and digitized it. Her name was Shadrach.  She is no longer with us, but she was a Queen during the time she lived.

She was an epicurean in her past lives.  She ate few things that I have never heard of cats eating.   First odd thing was cucumber skin.  Yes friends, I am talking about the green part that we peel off and throw away.  Well, if she wasn’t in the kitchen, you got to throw it away. She would clamor to get it from me as if it was tuna juice or salmon pate.  The first time I gave her a piece, I was confident that it was going to be sniffed, licked and discarded.  To my great surprise, she ate all of it and swiped at my hand when I tried to throw another piece away! Second on her list of odd edibles was cantaloupe.  Go figure.

I even invented a cat and put him in my 107th Street Murder as a character.  His name is Napoleon, he is a tuxedo cat and has a great attitude.  He rules Rachael Culpepper’s house and provides comic relief.  Funniest thing is, I have been cat-less for over ten years now.  Go figure.





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