Juliet said  “What’s in a name?  That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” 

When we name something that it changes its impact or structure?

Names are wonderful things.  With people, they impart characteristics, give clues to ethnicity, charm or repel us. We love to name things.  From stars in the sky down to buildings, bridges, streets, puppies, kittens and fish.

I’m used to them naming tropical storms and hurricanes, because of all the damage they do they need to be called something.   From only women’s names they expanded into unisex in 1976, getting rid of the stigma that homewreckers were female.

  Because it is easier to track them, the Weather channel decided to start treating the winter storms like they did the hurricanes, but they didn’t make a big deal of it.  Until last week, I didn’t notice that the storms had names, official or unofficial.  Thinking up names sounds like fun when you do it one at a time, but sit and try to do it twenty six times, one for each letter of the alphabet.  With out help, not such a fun thing.  

When the snow was headed from Texas to Virginia, they called it Leon.  I thought is was because of the point of origin, some little town in Texas, called Leon.  But no, that was not the way they did it. They asked high school students in Montana to pick out names.  Last year, they did rock bands, this year they did a mix of Latin and fantasy.

So as I sit here waiting for Maximus to pass,  I am hoping that he will be the last of the year.  But just in case he’s not – here are the rest of the names that you can expect.   I hope we do not get to Zephyr.





One thought on “Who are they?

  1. Enjoyed the reading! Such reading sparks the imagination .”Names without meaning!?! ” Just because they titillate the tongue, torturously throwing teachers into a tither, some names take on the features of tongue twisters…Tuaunai Tethertinigue, Fartuan Fartworth and Ammeliah Armelan- what’s the point? What does it all mean? The point of the parent…to be unique–perhaps? The meaning of the name – unknown
    So be it-Birthing unique individuals, passing through the earth- intentionally escaping an aimless destiny..to become someone the bearer can bear. Vowing never to do that to the future generation, so be it! We’ll see.

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