Yes, it is a bit early to start talking about Valentines Day with more than a month to the event. Today I should be being politically correct, talking about the civil rights movement, the evils of the 1950’s and 60’s. I should be talking about peace and equality. But instead, because it is Martin Luther King Day, the mid day traffic was heavier than usual. Stuck at a traffic light, I had plenty of time to read signs.

The marketers are busy getting us in the mood to buy things for the event. Hearts filled with chocolates have appeared in the candy aisle, florists are bursting with roses and baby’s breath, red cards and stuffed animals are front and center, jewelers are hanging cupids in their windows to remind you that gold or gems are always welcome and lingerie shops are trotting out the silks and satin.

Romance is available for a price.

So why was I surprised, you could even say flabbergasted, when on a lighted marquee of one of my favorite restaurants, there was in a message – VALENTINE DAY RESERVATIONS!

Was it because of the location? A bit, but No
Was it because they don’t usually take reservations? No
Was it because of their sexy menu selections? No
Was it because they will probably fill up on Valentines Day? No
Was it because they gave the local phone number instead of the corporate 800 number? No
Was it because the atmosphere inside is so very conducive to romance? No

It was because even as much as I love this place, I would not go there for Valentines Day under any circumstances. And should anyone take me there (husband included) on Valentines Day, I would come very close to committing murder.

I would not know what message was being sent to me. Are you saying that this place is the kind of place I deserve to be in? Are you saying that this food is going to put me in the mood for love? Are you implying that I eat so much that you need to take me somewhere not too pricey? What the hell are you saying about me, about our relationship, or the way you feel about Valentines Day?

So, you ask, what place is this? Take a look at the logo below and I think you will agree.




White Castle!   white castle
The only thing they have on the menu that is red is ketchup. Just saying.

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