Okay, I am a sucker for pretend.  I love the fact that you can become something different by putting on a hat or a mask.  So when I saw bears, raccoons, puppies, frogs, fish and Roman warrior helmets as knitted hats, I was sold. Having four boys under the age of 12 to buy for made the choice even easier.  I came home with one of each except the fish.  Happily, I wrapped these critters and hoped that I got the right one for the right boy.

The first one was unwrapped on Christmas Eve by my little grand cousin from Washington DC.  In the middle of his Grandmother’s living room, he pulled it from a bag and instantly put it on his head.  The big smile on his face was my gift.  While I was there visiting, he wore it.  I had no idea that it was going to be a topic of conversation for the rest of his visit here.

The next morning, I got a call from my cousin, his grandmother.  Seems that the hat did not get removed from his head for the entire day.  He went to a fancy buffet, a theater performance, dinner and even to bed, all with the hat. He even came down to unwrap his gifts, with the hat firmly in place.

That afternoon, I got a call from the other boys that got hats.  Or rather, the call was from their parents.  They had taken the hats out of the packages and wore them all day long and on into their beds.  These youngsters live in a warm clime, so it was remarkable that they followed suit with their cousin from the north.

Time passed from Christmas to the New Year.  The weather went bitter cold. I was happy that I bought those hats on my whim because of the change in the weather.  I figured that they were a good thing to have in the high winds and low temperatures.  This morning in my emails I got a photograph.  It made me laugh so hard my ribs hurt.  Seems that the hat is still a hit!


3 thoughts on “Critter Hats

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  2. Yeah, I gotta agree with you on the 8 year olds. A tough crowd when it comes to selection. I’ll say a prayer for you on becoming a stylist.

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