Minnie and Lou - 1950s

This is the kind of winter my grandma used to tell me about.  One where the snow piles up ankle deep before breakfast, continues all day and by night it is kissing at your knees.  The kind of days that makes you glad that you have a hoard of yarn to crochet, a stash of fabrics, cable tv, CD’s and DVD’s that you have been meaning to pay attention to but you didn’t make time and a pantry full of food.   The weather folks on TV warn us about what is coming and unfortunately for a change they seem  to be right.  Schools are closing, events are being cancelled.  The white shows no signs of stopping.  Neighbors are calling to check of one another praying that there won’t be any intervention needed because the effort of dressing for the cold winds is daunting.

So, back to haunting the internet, making a scarf and watching the white stuff pile up on the windshields of my neighbors cars.  Why they don’t appreciate the shelter of a good garage is beyond me.

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