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Mystery Tour Clues 2013

I have been busy writings clues for the Beverly Area Planning Association History Mystery Bike Ride.  It is a local event that consists of a route, clues and a puzzle.  You get to hunt through the neighborhood looking for the things in the clues.  I try to construct my clues so that they are rhyming couplets.  It is fun writing and I get a byline on all of the printed clue forms.

History-Mystery flyer

So here are a few of my clues for this year.

The flowers are pretty, the GARDEN  is nice,

Signs on the window reveal the trip price

For trains headed to Joliet or downtown

Metra is the way to get around!

My numbers are so very pretty

Above the vintage word for mail

Something not often seen today

The P O S T is delivered by “snail”.

Beneath your feet you will see

The names of streets we used to be

The answer you seek this afternoon

Is the one that is a phase of the moon!

The answer is CRESENT. 

Look for a wooden house trimmed in gray and red.

It came to this place packed in crates on a truck bed

It’s lasted so long you should give it three CHEERS

It was selected from a catalog from Sears!

On a corner you’ll find the next clue

Some folks say it belongs in the zoo.

Althought it not meant to give you a scare

Be Careful!  It’s a CARVED bear!

Twinkle twinkle on Lothair,

What’s on the green garage is mighty rare.

But look across the street and there you’ll see

A house with a silver on just like me!  I’m a STAR!

Sorry I couldn’t include pictures of the places, but my telephone camera is horrid!

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