I was raised with the Jetson’s, Star Trek, The Avengers and The Prisoner.  I studied at the Art Institute of Chicago.  I know modern.  I know sleek.  I know Mies Van Der Rohe when I see it. I love Frank Lloyd Wright’s sleek lines.   I inherited old furniture and miscellany from the 1920’s.  Dark carved woods, cut crystal vessels, silverware. The things that said you were a person of worth.  That you had grown up, become somebody.  I have kept these things for years.  Now, I cannot give them away.  I cannot use them all, I don’t need them all.  I am de-cluttering my life.  Funny thing is, the value of my valuables is so diminished that the people who know antiques have suggested that I give them to the thrift shop.  They tell me that people now want clean lines, bright finishes, modern geometric shapes.  They tell me that I should go to IKEA to understand the trend.  Thanks IKEA for making my life’s collection irrelevant.

Seems that I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth, it was silver plate.  My antiques are genuinely antique, but when they were purchased they did not come from Marshall Fields or Tiffany’s, they came from Sears or Woolworth’s.

2 thoughts on “You want IKEA?

  1. You can find the same clean line designs, but far better quality at other stores. Ikea furnishings are cheap and shoddily constructed. The last movers I hired wouldn’t guarantee them for the move, and I could see why. I shifted one of my Ikea cabinets in my new home, and the bottom of the particle board broke with the leg still attached. I won’t buy from them again.

    Also, your tastes and your happiness matter far more than other people’s opinions.

  2. That was exactly why I was so amazed that the person suggested that I check out IKEA! Swedish modern is a beautiful style, but IKEA copies it on the cheap. I don’t have Hipplewhite or Chippendale, but the things that my folks owned were sturdy, tasteful and purposeful. I think what he wanted to do was buy them from the thrift shop for pennies then turn it into dollars from himself.

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