There have been stories living in my head for a very long time. They have lived on floppy discs, old laptops and flash drives. Bits and pieces of them have been heard at venues around town.  As they mature and grow, they clamor to reach more and more people.  Like a breach birth, they are coming into the world backwards. In regulation fashion, they should be sent to publishers, read and judged. Instead, I am posting shards of them here, hoping that the rest of them will come to be by internet electronic magic. Many parts of my life have happened that way, but that list is another story for another time.

South View Downtown

The 107TH Street Murder

When the mutilated body of once pretty Leivald Nabb falls from the back of a garbage truck at Mount Trashmoor, the city dump, the case is put into the hands of Detectives Rachael Culpepper and her partner Tony Breese.  Working from their office on 92nd and Cottage Grove, the case moves like traffic on 107th Street,  twisting, turning and coming to dead ends.  As they venture to the west on the broad concrete of 95th Street, they go from the hospital where she worked to the Forest Preserves miles west, where key evidence was found.  The investigation takes them south to the rail yards of Riverdale and Harvey, east to the halls of Morgan Park High School and stately homes of Longwood Drive combing the community until they find her murderer. Ride along with them and solve the 107th Street Murder.

This novel is available for immediate publication at a length of 124,000 words.  Contact the author at Novelbarn@cs.com.

UIC Doorway

The Canyon Clinic Murders

Summer in the city means that Rachael’s love life begins to blossom, their next case isn’t assigned to them by the department. While on vacation, Rachael goes undercover to find the source of some deadly designer drugs.  In the course of their investigation, the story of a murdered girl is woven into a web of crimes that lay hidden in the shadow of the campus.

This novel is finished and it took longer than NaNoWriMo to do it.

Want to debut an author?  Contact L.D. Barnes  at novelbarn@cs.com for more information.

The kiss detail

The Fine Art of Murder

When his unmarked car breaks down on Columbus Drive in front of the Buckingham Fountain, Tony rescues a beautiful art student from a purse snatcher while waiting for a departmental tow truck. Putting her into a cab for home, he decides to look in on her later. With his good intentions derailed by armed robbers, he finds himself in the Emergency Room, under the personal care of a beautiful Doctor, but he is still drawn to the girl. Weeks later, while investigating a homicide in the store rooms of the Art Institute, he finds her again. This is a romance wrapped around a mystery set inside the museum. The Fine Art of Murder will not disappoint.         

  Contact L.D. Barnes at novelbarn@cs.com.  


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