. . .  it’s been so long that I had forgotten the last name of my main character!

It’s been so long that now that I read it, it feels like someone elses writing.

It’s been so long that I know I should be guilty for leaving them alone for so long.  They don’t exist if no one reads them or writes them or edits them.

I know they need to be out in the world because they have many stores to be told.  Number four novel is bubbling up in my brain as I write this and why isn’t there a way to connect my computer to my head without needing my fingers to type?  Why can’t I just dream the stories and you see it as a movie?  Why are there so many levels to go through to get this process done?

Because . . .

It ain’t good if it don’t take effort

It is a PROCESS – not a dream

There is choice, not chance, involved.  Getting the best story out there is important.  People are going to spend money to read it.  People are going to talk about it after they read it and it will become part of the culture, so it better be good.

Thank you for your indulgence.  I have ranted enough.  Back to the editing.  Peace.